Friday, October 26, 2012

Star Wars X-Wing: Miniatures Game

I recently had the opportunity to play the new Star Wars X-Wing minis game, and I have to say it is utterly fantastic!

Opening Salvos between Imperial and Rebel Forces
As always, I love anything that allows me to play with little space-ships, but this particular game added a level of structure that actually improved my normal child-like interest. The mechanics are extremely simple, with enough variation to keep it interesting by no means too complicated for people to get confused even after one or two or eight drinks. They handle the movement through space in a very novel and engaging way, that detaches miniatures combat from a game board or rulers, a feat rarely achieved at all and I would say never this well. The play-time is about half an hour, which is short enough to keep things well-paced and everyone engaged .

All in all, an excellent and easy game for almost any number of drunk people.

X-Wings Blast Apart a TIE Fighter

Commander positions his Squadron

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